Well-being and Quality of Life in People with Disabilities Practicing Sports, Athletes with Disabilities, and Para-athletes: Insights from a Critical Review of the Literature


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Authors  Luca Puce, Patrick Mbah Okwen,  Mirabel Nain Yuh, Gloria Akah Ndum Okwen,  Rigobert Hanny Pambe Miong,  Jude Dzevela Kong, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi.
Deposit Date 08 February 2023 
Source https://www.frontiersin.org/journals/psychology/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2023.1071656/full 


The research paper titled "Well-being and quality of life in people with disabilities practicing sports, athletes with disabilities, and para-athletes: Insights from a critical review of the literature" aims to provide insights into the subjective and objective well-being and quality of life among disabled individuals participating in sports, athletes with disabilities, and para-athletes. The paper discusses the multi-dimensional nature of global well-being (GWB) and explores the subjective perspective, comprised of subjective hedonic well-being (SHWB) and the objective perspective, defined in terms of quality of life indicators. The paper reviews the literature on the well-being of disabled individuals practising sports, athletes with disabilities, and para-athletes and emphasizes the gaps in current knowledge that require further research. It highlights the unique stressors faced by these individuals and the need for high-quality, large-scale investigations to better understand their well-being. The paper also addresses the challenges and limitations in the existing research on this topic and suggests future research directions to elucidate the relationship between practising sports and well-being outcomes in the disabled population from a more multi-dimensional and longitudinal perspective. Furthermore, the paper emphasizes the need for a person-centred framework, comprehensive and theoretically grounded health-related constructs, and objective measures to understand and improve the well-being and functioning of disabled individuals participating in sports.