Dr Okwen P Mbah

Board Secretary

Patrick Okwen M. is a Medical doctor and health economist with experience working with development agencies at international level. Experience within the basic services (health, education, climate resilience, and agriculture) for knowledge brokering in Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, and Chad. 

Patrick dedicates a lot of his time in training young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in development work and work across the evidence ecosystem. He has won several leadership awards with Joanna Briggs Institute, Cochrane, Africa Evidence Network, and the World Bank.

Core competences: Stakeholder engagement, qualitative research, evidence synthesis, evidence translation, evidence implementation, evidence brokering, fluent in French and English. Patrick has led projects across the evidence ecosystem, including evidence brokering, with partners like Education Endowment Foundation, CEDIL Programme, iScientia Belgium, and Wakka Foundation Holland.