Teacher to Teacher

Educational systems and teaching-learning processes strongly rely on the teachers. This is because, beyond educational tools and equipment, the learning process is more of social interaction between the teacher and the learner.  Good teachers bring out the best from their students even under adverse conditions like poor curriculum and limited teaching materials. Similarly, excellent curricula accompanied by great textbooks and well-equipped classrooms will be rendered useless by a bad teacher.

At eBASE, teachers work with other teachers to connect them to evidence ecosystem networks such as Campbell Collaboration, Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), Higher Teachers Training College (ENS), Bamenda, Ministry of Education, Africa Evidence network, IRIC, University of Yaounde I, Joanna Briggs Database, University of Calabar, Nigeria, University of Ottawa, Canada amongst others.

Teachers who desire to improve learner`s outcome and have mastery of best available educational practices can ask professionals at eBASE to develop efficient evidence-based criteria from evidence summaries for practice tailored to their questions. We then work with practices to conduct evidence-based assessments or audits and feedback.

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