eBASE Webinar Series

 From August 02 to 30, 2022, eBASE Africa will hold a series of webinars presenting five strands of its Teaching and Learning Toolkit on zoom.

Innovating for teaching and learning

In our quest for improving educational achievement of children aged 3-18 and also to close the equity gap that is affecting vulnerable populations, we conducted a formative study in 2020/2021 to determine the preconditions for learning and the experiences of different education stakeholders. We also developed a bilingual, online evidence portal (Ebase | Teaching and Learning Toolkit (ebaselearning.org) containing a set of interventions for education stakeholders that will improve educational attainment if implemented. These interventions have gone through a rigorous research process to establish their feasibility, acceptability, impact and cost.

In order to disseminate these research findings and bring this evidence into the classroom, we are interested actively engaging teachers through social media forums, webinars and also working with 80 teachers in 40 schools in Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and Chad as part of our global fellowship programme. The audits and feedback process entail measuring and contrasting teachers pedagogical (teaching and learning) practice or performance with evidence-based standards or targets (the audit) and then providing recommendations from this process back to the teacher (the Feedback).


The main objective is to disseminate  in French and English research findings from  our evidence portal  for 6 educational interventions which are: Feedback, Homework, Parental Engagement, Behaviour Management, and Metacognition and Self-Regulation by August 31st 2022.







1hour 30 minutes



1hour 30 minutes

Parental involvement


1hour 30 minutes

Behavior Management


1hour 30 minutes

Metacognition and Self-regulation


1hour 30 minutes